Archimedes Palimpsest ResearchContrib Read Me File for 2011

Author: Mike Toth, Doug Emery
Date: October 2011


1 Rights and conditions of use

The Archimedes Palimpsest data is released with license for use under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Access Rights. It is requested that copies of any published articles based on the information in this data set be sent to The Curator of Manuscripts, The Walters Art Museum, 600 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

2 Introduction

This document describes additions to the Archimedes Palimpsest Contributed Research directory (ResearchContrib) as of October 11, 2011.

3 Archimedes diagrams

The October 28, 2008 version of the data set included experimental XML renderings of some of the Archimedes diagrams by Gabriel Weaver. These are included, unchanged.

4 Philosophical commentary PCA images

In October 2011, principal component analysis (PCA) images of the folios comprised in the philosophical commentary were added to the Archimedes Palimpsest data set. These files supplement the core data set released in 2008 and are presented here in the ResearchContrib directory. These images are registered with those found in the main Data folder of the archive.

Roger L. Easton Jr., of the Rochester Institute of Technology, created PCA images from ultraviolet captures made in 2007 for the philosophical commentary folios:

There are two types of files for each folio. Their names follow this pattern:

The first segment of each file name follows the rules described in the File Naming Conventions document found in the Internal Documentation directory of this archive. The final segment or segments of each file name (PCA3 or PCA_R1G2B3) designate the type of PCA data in each file.

The first of these is a monochrome image marked PCA3. For each folio, three principal components were selected, PCA1, PCA2, and PCA3. The third principal component was found to be useful for reading the undertext and is included here.

The second type of PCA file included here is a color image marked PCA_R1G2B3. For each image, the red, green, and blue color bands contain the first, second, and third principal components, respectively. This image is informally called a "Huey" because it may be manipulated in a program such as Adobe PhotoShop or the GNU Image Manipulation Program (or "GIMP") to rotate the hue angle of the image, which changes the renderings of the principal components so that the original text of the commentary may become visible at different locations on the leaf.

Note that these file names use the Alex abbreviation to designate the commentary undertext. This is the abbreviation used in the 2007 images on which these PCAs are based. The Alex abbreviation has since been replaced by the Comm abbreviation, which is used in other documents that discuss this text. Please see the main archive 2011 Read Me file for more information.

The following files have been added.

  • Data/077r-076v/077r-076v_Alex05r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/077r-076v/077r-076v_Alex05r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/077v-076r/077v-076r_Alex05v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/077v-076r/077v-076r_Alex05v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/078r-075v/078r-075v_Alex04r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/078r-075v/078r-075v_Alex04r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/078v-075r/078v-075r_Alex04v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/078v-075r/078v-075r_Alex04v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/079r-074v/079r-074v_Alex03r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/079r-074v/079r-074v_Alex03r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/079v-074r/079v-074r_Alex03v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/079v-074r/079v-074r_Alex03v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/080r-073v/080r-073v_Alex06r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/080r-073v/080r-073v_Alex06r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/080v-073r/080v-073r_Alex06v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/080v-073r/080v-073r_Alex06v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/119r-122v/119r-122v_Alex07r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/119r-122v/119r-122v_Alex07r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/119v-122r/119v-122r_Alex07v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/119v-122r/119v-122r_Alex07v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/120r-121v/120r-121v_Alex02r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/120r-121v/120r-121v_Alex02r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/120v-121r/120v-121r_Alex02v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/120v-121r/120v-121r_Alex02v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/143r-146v/143r-146v_Alex01r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/143r-146v/143r-146v_Alex01r_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif
  • Data/143v-146r/143v-146r_Alex01v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA3.tif
  • Data/143v-146r/143v-146r_Alex01v_Sinar_LED365_01_PCA_R1G2B3.tif